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SoeJoe’s first EP, issued in 2013, acts as a decisive springboard for her career. The young singer proves to be a masterful vocalist, capable of both sophistication and soul. No wonder that the EP gets noticed by several French radios and supported by France Bleu, a major network of radio stations. Proving herself to be a complete artist, SoeJoe delivers regular live performances across France’s festivals and seduces audiences with her retro style and colorful vibes. With “The Other Shore”, SoeJoe embarks on a new adventure. Composed somewhere between numerous gigs on the scenes of London’s best music venues and the agitation of an exciting new life, the four songs of her new EP first strike the ear with their broad emotional range. Not only does SoeJoe take bigger risks musically, she also delivers an artistic commitment to her early influences with a live, analog recording brought to life in Paris by producers Nathalie Loriot and Franck Hedin. The result feels self-empowering, introspective and groovy, with SoeJoe’s distinctive charm permeating each of the songs. The words and tune of the addictive piece “For Nothing in the World” highlight the artist’s newly-found creative confidence and express in a stripped-back style what it really feels to be in love. SoeJoe’s latest EP emerges as the captivating personal diary of a woman in love, filled to the brim with an evocative prose, deep-felt emotions and melodic intensity.