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Peached’s debut is a succulent and citrus-y blend of folk-rock that’s perfectly suited for a pacific coast highway cruise. The five track EP will have you bopping your head to lyrics while simultaneously putting you in your own feelings. With a sanguine-tinge sprinkled over all the songs, there’s a pleasant moodiness that settles somewhere between colorful west-coast pop and western singer/songwriter folk. Standout track “Ready To Go” features a snazzy and memorable hook that swoons and sways to a 4/4 kickdrum rhythm. A delicate fuzzied. reverbed-out background vocal paints vivid dreams of open skies and winding highways coastal highways. While most of the songs stick to a rather familiar overall song structure, Peached isn’t afraid to dabble with more experimental techniques, especially when it comes to his builds and drops. WIth tasteful hints of electronic effects and creative sound-design practices, Peach takes more traditional-sounding instruments and gives them their own unique life through sensible uses of contemporary music techniques and technology. This detailed production, blended with Peached's distinctive raspy voice and emotional lyrics leaves nothing more to be desired. Much like eating an actual peach, it’s hard to stop eating one after the first bite into its juicy interior. And the same goes for Peached’s music–one taste of a single stanza and you’ll likely be hooked until your ears are sonically satisfied to their core’s delight.