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Originally from Strahov, formed by whiskey, beer and mead from Pub 10. No one knows how it came about but we play Irish folk-punk 🍀 Our music is a mix of Ireland, punk, beer, folk, dragons, feedback and JJ... 🍺🍺🥃🍺 You can usually find us in Pub 10 and if you don’t, try looking under the table 🔥 And remember - more ain’t less!!! Sláinte pi*o! 🤘 To this date we released one live EP, Pub 10, recorded during festival Ďesítka taking place at Pub 10 at Strahov, Prague in 2019 and one acoustic session, Foggy Home, recorded during spring lockdown of 2021. Now we are in the process of recording our first studio EP, to be released during fall of 2021.