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Honest, soulful, empowering...all words to describe singer/songwriter Shelly Bhushan. Gifted with an incredibly powerful voice, Shelly draws on a depth of emotion that ranges from desire to defiance, longing to exhilaration. It’s as if her soul reaches out to yours when you hear her sing--real, without a trace of pretentiousness. "Shelly Bhushan’s voice is a true standout: soulful and feisty and full. We couldn’t get her song Something Out of Nothing out of our heads..." - The New Yorker "Shelly Bhushan has an amazing, stunning voice and a great sense of identity as a songwriter and performer. Something Out Of Nothing is one of those records that you want to press into people’s hands and make them hear. It’s truly wonderful." Popshifter Magazine "She captures the attention of her listeners with a sultry, atmospheric voice and effervescent stage presence..."The Examiner