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This is where life happens: at the crossroads between faith and doubt, on the borders between "us" and "them". It happens in the edges and the gray areas. Real life includes both gay and straight, mother and father, immigrant and citizen, believer and skeptic. It defies our fences and categories, our attempts to define who is out and who is in. We believe Jesus's table is wide and welcoming: that it includes the marginalized and downtrodden now, just as it did back then. The religious leaders of Jesus's time were scandalized by the company he kept. May they be scandalized by ours as well. These songs are music for the inclusive church, for the growing movement of Christians who are fleeing toxic misunderstandings of the good news, and instead are trying to recapture Christ's counter-cultural message. The empires of the world do not have the final say. There is something new happening, something unexpected. And all are welcome. All are loved.