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The Sadlanders was formed in Luxembourg in 2020, even though all of the band members had been in various different bands before, some starting as early as in the 90's. Their influences are for the most part bands from the 90's, bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Nirvana, Pearl Jam but also bands like Guns n' Roses, Black Sabbath, etc... 
 The Sadlanders get their sound from the typical drums-bass-guitars & vocals arrangement, sometimes using effects to venture to an almost psychedelic territory. Most of the songs have clean, subtle guitars to heavily distorted guitars as well as a solid bass guitar and heavy pounding drums holding everything together but at the end of the day, the vocal melody is always the main focus of the song. 
 If you ask Sergio, the main songwriter, he will tell you "I'm just telling stories, my stories and these are the tools that we use to try to make you feel...something". 
 The members of the band are Steve Schmit on drums, Mirsad Mehovic (aka "Sick") on bass and Sergio Santos on guitar and lead vocals.