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Koko-Chan is a music art healer. She goes around the world to spread a cycle of Light and of Love among people in Japan, Australia, America and Holland. Koko-Chan has planted seeds of Love in those places and helped them grow. Her goal is to help people so that they feel happier and can live with a big smile on their faces, and achieve their goals. She believes everybody has a beautiful soul; we are children of Light. And hopes everybody can shine as they live. Koko-Chan asked her mother if she could study piano when she was 10 years old. Her teacher was Tomoe Kowatari who is also a professional singer. Later, she studied piano with Rusela De Villena Liebgold who graduated from the Julliard School of Music in NY. De Villena is a concert pianist. Koko-Chan also learned piano techniques from another piano teacher who teaches injury-free techniques to Musicians. Koko-chan learned improvisation with a Music therapist in Sydney, and started to compose music in 2009.