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Mkay and Scholar formally known as Mark and Scott Jenkins are a captivating duo who write, produce, and perform classic hip-hop music. Having an intrinsic love for music, the brothers discovered their magnetism as a team while writing and creating their first hip-hop track together at a local Charlotte, NC studio. Mkay, 21 and Scholar, 24 are a breath of fresh air for traditional hip-hop enthusiast. Looking, sounding, and performing like no one else in the scene, they've combined their passions, talents, and musical influences to create upbeat hip-hop music with deep lyricism. The duo seeks inspiration from the greats while maintaining a true sense of self to deliver a connectable "feel-good" sound. Their number one goal is to honor hip-hop while maintaining artist individuality through their unique vocals, style, and lyricism. With their forward-thinking approach to traditional hip-hop music, the magnetic duo has quietly become an underground favorite. There's no doubt that Scholar's smooth lyricism and Mkay's icey cold vocals give their music a relatable feel and vibrant sound to tip them into the mainstream arena.