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Manu Napolitano Italian-Venezuelan artist composes music with refined acoustic atmospheres, with samba jazz, bossa nova & funky influences. New single is out Paseando Contigo (walking with you) a collaboration with Cesare Ferioli, italian producer and dj. 
Manu forms the trio Entre Aguas, which publishes the cd "Caminando al Sur", with latin and brazilian songs. Composed by Manu,the song "Ballare" is recorded with the italian ska band Le Tremende. The love for the world traditional music leads Manu to work with Barbara Valentino, researcher and experimenter vocalist, with whom she is performing in duo concerts in Italy. "Vortice" is Manu Napolitano's cd, produced and mixed in Germany by Rude Hi-Fi Barriobeat. The album has original songs, genre: bossa nova, Cuban son, reggae and funky, with the excellent collaboration of the Brazilian artist, Joyce Moreno. Manu makes part and coordinates the group of musicians from different countries "Ensemble du Sud", a mix of sounds and musical languages . 
On 2013 Manu releases the single "La sarta - Costureira da montanha" dedicates to the brazilian boys who fought against German army in the second World War in the Italian mountains. Manu single album AREIAS creates the intimate atmosphere, with the precious collaboration of the Brazilian pianist Christianne Neves. Two classical traditional samba songs: Copacabana and Doce de Coco and Chorinho original composition by Manu