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Raised like the Legends from Lords of Dogtown, I grew up in the streets by the beach. Being a true KID AT HEART I did things for excitement and to get my adrenaline going, anything that was reckless worked for me. After things didn't work out as a amateur pro surfer, I found myself living in Vegas. From the Island to the Desert, quite the opposite of my normal lifestyle. I made what I could out of this crazy city and it was being here that caused me to continue my passion for bass music. I instantly fell in love and was able to put my raw unique sounds with heavy bass into my music. After performing at shows, I only wanted more. I wanted to spray more champagne. I wanted more people dancing and screaming “KID AT HEART” Fast forward to now and I find myself currently Graduated from Icon Collective where I had the opportunity to work with artists like; Max (Protohype), Ryan Browne and many more as my personal mentors. Recently got a track released on DSR(dirty snatcha records) which Hit Top Track on the label for the year (2019). Also had my track feature in the promo video for Insomniac 2018 NYC event. I recently opened up for Nitti Gritti, MARAUDA, Trollphase in LAS VAGAS. I also open for artists such as Calcium, Yakz, Hi Im Ghost and Cherney. Trust me when I say I GET THE PARTY GOING!! You will feel me at my shows, Iʻll make sure of it and You wonʻt forget my name, EAZLEY! KID AT HEART!