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Walla C is an MC, producer and beat-maker hailing from Rio de Janeiro and residing in Melbourne since 2015. A friendly and well-known face all over town, he has been a regular radio presenter for weekly hip hop show Fresh Produce on PBS 106.7FM for the last four years in addition to DJing and performing live sets at various venues around the city. Producing beats since 2013, he draws inspiration from jazz, funk, lo-fi and Brazilian folk, samba and more. Brazilian music forms the foundation of his various influences, both musically and visually. Additionally, the combination of intricate synths, ambient sounds and textures are integral layers of his compositions. He has independently released EPs and beat tapes over the past few years, garnering recognition and praise from local and international supporters in Australia, Europe and Brazil. As an event organiser, he has curated events such as BeatLab, Drum Patterns and Wax On Wax Off, events dedicated to hip hop, funk, soul, jazz and bass music. His live performances are spontaneous and complex, driven by the Roland SP555, and he combines his original beats with reworks and edits of contemporary classics. He regularly performs around Melbourne and has quickly garnered a reputation as one of Melbourne's most inventive fresh producers.