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Brion Starr lives and works in New York City, joined by a group of foreign and domestic collaborators. 
 Their latest album A Night To Remember (to be released Oct 1, 2021) is a meditation on night itself, a spinning sci-fantasy through the future darkness we all contemplate when sleep won’t come, a journey to the end of the night told as a story of one sprawling evening in an internationalist future city with no up and no down, no beginning and no end. Passing through the seedy clubs, with all their trappings, are you being followed ? Have you lost your mind ? Blackout and wake on a train. Is this a dream ? We are nocturnal. There’s fire in the streets. The first tier look down on you. So, find the ones you love and hold them tight. Yes, the kind of night where you land right where you’re meant to be. 
 Recorded at the Chateau d’Herouville and produced by Tony Visconti ( David Bowie , T. Rex , Sparks )
 Starr’s current collaborators include Jaie Gonzalez (Splashh) Hayden Tobin (Hanni El Khatib), Pete Sustarsic (Public Access TV), James Hurst (Beach Party), Ben McConnel (Beach House), Grace Kennedy, Charlie Sands, and composer Nigel Wilson.