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Vicarus is an artist, producer, and audio engineer from Germany. He has a special focus on EDM and pop, often combining the two musical worlds to create something that’s catchy and one-of-a-kind. When he started out with music, Vicarus was mostly a DJ, entertaining crowds at huge school parties. However, he soon decided to try his hand at his own productions. By 2009, he was already making his own tracks, and he learned a lot of skills in the process. To this day, he is particularly fond of Cubase, his favorite DAW ever! When it comes to plugins, Vicarus loves to use the top of the line stuff for his production work, and this often means using Universal Audio software! Through his music, Vicarus has a mission: he wants to reach out to people and give them an amazing experience, giving them some energy and positivity in their everyday life, which could often be cold and grey. In terms of production, attitude, and creativity, Vicarus definitely knows what he’s doing ,and it won’t be long before we see his name in some of the best festival line ups out there!