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Adriana and The Wildflowers is a folk rock band featuring sweeping cello melodies, thought provoking lyrics, and enchanting vocals. Coming from opposite ends of the country Adriana is from a little town tucked between the Sierra Nevada Mountains, while Torin is from a beach town on the east coast. Together they create a balance of mountain stories and city rhythm.  Beginning as a duet, The Wildflowers met in LA and found their sound performing in intimate acoustic venues. Audiences were swept away in rich storytelling and a unique sonic landscape composed of cello and acoustic guitar. This was complimented with percussion, and for certain tunes the drums got everyone dancing on their feet.  When they’re not in the studio recording, Adriana and The Wildflowers collaborates with Around The Stage Dance in creating new performance pieces incorporating music, story telling and dance. The recently put on the Show Biz Cabaret at the Reno Little Theater in Reno, NV. They also perform in all types of venues around Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and many other cities. Currently recording a full length LP “Where the pine trees grow”, their EP “The Girl with Sunflower Eyes” is now available everywhere.