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Lily Konigsberg & Matt Norman lived in the same house—at different times—in the town of Tivoli, NY. They were “aware” of one another, but had never really met. Matt came back to his old home in Tivoli looking for a blanket he had left there some years prior and Lily was sitting on the front porch with some friends when he arrived. Knowing he was a musician,

she invited him to play a drum solo at a birthday party that she organized for a bus driver named Chad in Woodstock, NY. Matt obliged. Lily also performed at the birthday party and asked Matt to film her performance. He tried to make a video that would surprise Lily, zooming in and out frequently and turning the camera upside down, but he accidentally broke the camera in the process, and Lily never saw the footage. Lily forgave him and asked him to contribute to her songs with his baritone horn, and he was happy in-turn when she agreed to add her voice to some of his recordings. From there-on, they just kept going. The blanket was never found.