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Driving with a uniquely genuine passion for inspiring and motivating audiences, rapper and artist AGON hits the scene backed by years of life experiences that flow through his music. Despite the historical attitude of hip hop, AGON’s music refuses to make use of curse words or rude language. Instead, he opts for detailed story-telling, scene-setting, and lyrics that seek to inspire a sense of possibility in his listeners. Starting his journey into music at what some might consider a late stage undoubtedly gives him grounds to speak on the fact that anything is possible; no matter who you are, how old you are, or where you might be in life. Understanding the importance of hard work above talent alone, AGON injects an unparalleled work ethic into his creative process, and takes inspiration from those who showcase the same. It’s not luck, it’s putting in the work, and this value stands tall through his music. AGON’s music delivers a sense of spirit and honesty. His stories and his beats cover a vast range of areas in life, meaning there are anthems for the long commutes as well as more intimate tracks for contemplation and calm. Fans are gifted the energising hit of a heavy beat, without the aggression or prejudice so often found in modern hip hop. AGON gears up to take on the music scene with style and sophistication, undoubtedly breathing new life into hip hop with a clear vision and an unwavering passion for performance.