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Gie formed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia consist of Wimar Yulius (Vocal), Gatra Laringal (Guitar), Kaka Bagaskara (Keyboardist), Denny Sinjo (Bassist) and Abe (Drums). 
 Gie brings blues into a new face with their modern & sweet yet powerful tunes and words. They are big fans of Aerosmith, Ipang, Led Zeppelin, BIP, Blackout and many other great artists and managed to blend those western and Indonesia music altogether yet still got the taste of pop in an excellent way. 
 Recently Gie released a new single ‘Bunga’ that explores another new dimension of their music. Before that the band released 3 albums. 2 Studio albums Kamar Malas (2018) & Kopi Blues (2015), and Live Concert Album (2020). Gie have been performing across cities in Indonesia and made their own fans and scenes.