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THE NOMADICS - Bec Schofield and Dave Mann (and their three children) "The Nomadics imbibe stories from the heart of Australia, then sing them out with a deep love for the world around them and each other . Their stunning harmonies drew me in, reminding me, what a beautiful thing is music". VIKKI THORN - THE WAIFS “I’ve had the privilege of singing and harmonising with Bec and each time it’s been very magical, she carries the full force of the earth and motherhood within her... a beautiful singer and songwriter with an authentically Australian voice.” MISSY HIGGINS "The Nomadics write songs that feel as though they have risen from the expansive landscapes they traverse across. I can’t get through a set of theirs without clutching at my heart, tears in my eyes, and hope in my blood”MAMA KIN "The tangible chemistry, skilful guitar and evocative melodies between these two talented musicians should be considered a national treasure" PETE FIRTH