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At some point in our lives, we all want someone to believe in us, to remind us there is beauty in the world, and to tell us that everything’s going to be ok. THERE IS A CHILD IN ALL OF US, AND THAT’S WHO JJ HELLER MAKES MUSIC FOR. Heller writes thoughtful intimate songs that feel like balm for the soul. Her faith informs her songs in subtle ways that feel more like poetry and less like a sermon. Her soothing voice and inspiring melodies blend with poignant lyrics to stir the hearts of listeners crossing generational boundaries. JJ Heller and her husband, Dave, work creatively together co-writing and recording her songs. After 18 years making music, Heller has 11 full-length albums, and a Christmas EP to her name. Her full-length album of covers of famous love songs, I Dream of You (Vol. III), released on 2/5/21, and her remake of her album from 2014, I Dream of You, just released on 5/7/21. In 2017 JJ began releasing a new single to streaming services on the first Friday of each month, and in 2020 she launched her podcast, Instrumental. Heller’s fans connect with her music during life's high and low moments. Her songs are featured on national television, international advertising campaigns, the billboard charts and radio stations across the world. Whether you're looking for peaceful lullabies to soothe your children, timeless music at Christmastime, or musical medicine for your soul, JJ Heller has the remedy you've been searching for.