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Lasko & Kestler

Lasko & Kestler

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About this artist

Posted By Lasko & Kestler

Toronto-based production/songwriting duo Lasko & Kestler have quite the evocative story: The pair lived in the woods in an undisclosed location miles from Canadian civilization; since returning to Toronto, they wear masks to hide the frostbite that left their faces disfigured after being stranded in a snowstorm.

Mystery shrouds the pair in a world of darkness that finds life in their music. Whether we take this tale at face value or not, the characterization builds perfectly into the group’s dark avant-pop. Lasko & Kestler describe their sound as “equal parts music for the bedroom and a seductive soundtrack to a nightmare,” and their music is one dream you might not want to wake from.

Lasko & Kestler are currently signed to JOTU Collective.

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