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Sometimes, the only motivation you need is music that has a refreshing ray of sincere optimism, an unfaltering faith in love, mixed in with some soul. The sound of Afro-Soul singer-songwriter Nola Adé hits the spot just right.

In the face of everyday challenges, Adé dares to radiate her light. So have audiences who’ve embraced her positive delivery and been enlightened by the shine of Adé’s full-bodied vocal phrasing, soulful timbre, and eclectic style that is all her own. A diversity of musical flavors seeped into the musical consciousness of a young Ade; from the Nigerian Praise and Worship songs and Afrobeats of her parent’s homeland, the classic soul of Chicago radio, the Jazz of Ella and Sarah on rotation, to the constantly evolving popular music of today. As the first generation of her Nigerian American family to be born in the states, the Chicago, Illinois native is the embodiment of an immigrant spirit of hope and optimism. Having experienced the best of both worlds, the duality of growing up Nigerian in America is reflected in her unique musical expression that blends her rollicking melodies with her approach to tackling soul with conviction. Ade’s music and message to her eager fans is really about honoring the traditions of the past, being unafraid of the present, and unapologetically joining the past and present to creating a harmonious future.