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Diaspoura is a downtempo electronic producer and new media artist from a highway hotel in rural South Carolina. Her first album Demonstrations is a multimedia work regarding the subconscious, internalized oppression, and nostalgia. She released a charged single "GTF" (get the fuck) after the 2017 election. Having started publishing demos online as a grassroots community organizer for girls, trans youth, and gender non-conforming youth in South Carolina, she stepped away from her leadership position to develop Diaspoura as a platform for both her own healing and a new pursuit to organize systemic change. Through cyberspace, booking, touring, and local artist organizing, she continues to advocate, unionize, & build platforms for marginalized artists: specifically queer, Southern, black, brown, trans, non-binary, femme, hip hop, and electronic artists. Her newest two-track release “Traumaporn” is a study of sounds encompassing both power and vulnerability using iconic rigid beats, bells, and dense harmonies.