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There’s a small jewel in the road Some people passing by notice that it’s there They like what they see Its edges are a bit jagged, even a little toxic Like a bouncer in an evening gown" MONOPHONIST is what their new album’s title song, "Hauptstrom" depicts:

A hybrid, a bastard who’s spent his whole life chewing hardcore, punk and rock n roll and now finds himself choking on jazz, surf and country. MONOPHONIST writes lyrics that sweet-talk and caress the ear but burn in your stomach, when you begin to digest their meanings. MONOPHONIST wants the wave-particle duality for music: Music should stimulate the brain and accelerate the body at the same time. It should make our hearts laugh while detonating something explosive inside of us. Thomas Sauerborn - drums / vocals Kenn Hartwig - bass / double bass Daniel Hölscher - guitars Jonathan Hoffmann - vocals / saxophone / synthesis