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Born in Bemidji, Minnesota and named after a hitchhiker, Gentry Bronson and his family moved into an old farmhouse when he was 5, where he would sit at an old, upright piano and make up music. By the age of 15, he won 5 MMTA awards. He left the Midwest at 18, became part of the early 90s Seattle music scene, then was a club DJ at the Roxy in Prague. Settling in San Francisco, Gentry became a songwriter and producer. He won 3 NCSA songwriting awards, formed the Night Watchmen, and released 5 band and solo records from 2001 to 2005. Going solo in 2006, Gentry released the 3-part indie rock album 'No War' and the atmospheric album 'Santa Fe Sky', co-written with Dave Hoover. He then spent 3 years touring the US and Europe. In 2008, he recorded the first English version of Boudewijn de Groot's 'Avond' with Jesse Brewster. A self-titled EP followed in 2009 featuring several styles. Back in California, he played live heavily with his band and was featured singer on John Brown’s Hip Hop single 'No Games'. He released 'Within A Sigh & A Curse', an album of Dutch songs adapted into English, and his 6th & 7th European tours followed. His full-length album 'Human', made with vintage recording technology, was released in 2013. Gentry then spent 4 years in Mexico and Minnesota, founding GB Media & Creative in 2014 to help entrepreneurs and creatives. He made New Orleans his new home in 2017. 'Environments', an album of his original piano compositions was released the next year.