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Hi there! I'm from Seattle: I've got some diverse types of songs here! "Bob Dylan meets Radiohead." You'll hear folk and rock, electronica and world music. My themes are about justice and community but also contain paranormal subjects: Ufos, ghosts, space-aliens, alternate realities. Albums: "Grace(2014) “Heart For A Glove-2016,” “Bare Bones-2017” and “MAABA-2019” "KAABA" will be out December 2020." neufutur magazine had this to say about me

"boundless... and could easily fit alongside a punk band, a spoken word festival or even a world music event…and capture the spirit of American artists giving the symbolic middle finger to what’s happening in Washington D.C. Indiepulse magazine said “Mrs Liberty(MABBA-2019) is an early contender for sharpest political anthem of the New Year…the music is unbelievably calculated and cerebral, penetrating the speakers with a psychedelic ambience that is haunting and somewhat invasive.” “This single goes a long way to solidifying his place in the hierarchy of West Coast Indie Rock, and in my opinion, elevates his status on the international circuit quite significantly.” I've had some success in college radio over the last couple years...