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What happens when you put three mates in a room filled with broken instruments? They make people dance, stomp, and sing. Hard. This is Pangkah. Pangkah is a punk rock band that formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2019.  Influenced by the CBGB-based and East Bay punk scene, Pangkah explores self-consciousness, social issues and keeping things fun in their high-energy & catchy music. Syaf: Vocal & Bass Prior to the formation of Pangkah, Syaf was the keyboardist for Kiri and a heavy metal band, Nrocinu since 2008. Akmal: Guitar Akmal started covering classic punk rock songs in his YouTube channel in 2009 before being discovered by Hafidz and Syaf.  Hafidz: Vocal & Drums He started playing drums by chance when he was in high school, being mainly self-taught, and started off through the usual route of classic rock, punk rock, and workingmen's gigs.