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Evgeniya Evpak (also known as Jennie Moz-Art)

is Russian composer-songwriter and music industry foresight studies expert. Jennie Moz-Art has been born on August, 2, 1985, in Saran town (Kazakhstan). She started playing piano since 8 months old. Her absolute pitch and music talent was found by her mother in the very early childhood, and she came to music school when she was 5 years old. Jennie composed her first music piece for piano called "The Caravan" in the age of 12, and studied music composition software since 2003. The artist name "Jennie Moz-Art" was taken by Jennie after her invention - Digital Sound Melodization method that's Russian abbreviation was similar to M.O.Z. + Art. In 2007, after graduation from Linguistics faculty of Modern Academy for the Humanities, Jennie has moved in Moscow, Russia, where she lives and creates her music. Winner of national songwriting contests in Russia, creator and copyright owner on music and songs used for festival short movies and documentaries, Jennie Moz-Art creates positive songs in mainstream-pop and indie styles and continues composing commercial media music, also she is teaching music theory to kids and adults. Music Industry Innovations by Jennie Moz-Art: 2006 - Method of Digital Sound Melodisation (know-how) 2015 - music foresight consultancy services (b2b) 2020 - comprehensive study of economic potential of music industry in Moscow, Russia (together with ISSEK HSE, research supervisor Ph.D. Mikhail Gershman)