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Exploding out of Melbourne in 2013, Void Of Vision rapidly established themselves as one of Australia’s premier metalcore acts. After unleashing their 2014 debut EP, Broken // Bones, acclaimed debut album, Children of Chrome (2016) and Disturbia EP (2017), the band’s 2019 sophomore record Hyperdaze followed with increased ferocity and focus, and saw Void Of Vision hit a profound new stride. “Children Of Chrome was an experiment,” explains vocalist Jack Bergin. “Hyperdaze is an experience.” Taking its name from what Bergin calls “a state in which one is simply not there; it’s a detachment from reality, where I can numb myself to all my problems”. Completed by guitarists James McKendrick and Mitch Fairlie and drummer George Murphy, Void Of Vision capture pure hatred, nihilism and bleak surrounds on their new album. Wrapped tightly in a toxic sludge of noises from the downtuned and harrowing to the purely frenzied, Hyperdaze is the sound of a group purging darkness from within and making their most striking statement yet in light of it. FFO: Polaris, Currents, Hollow Front, Loathe, Silent Planet, Like Moths To Flames.