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A gloomy drumming emerges from the Voodoo temples. Experience the percussive unholy curses from the deeper Brazilian underworld, where ancient entities throw their blasphemous spells right in your head! Gangrena Gasosa is the first and only Sarava Metal band in the whole world. Born at the early 90's in Rio de Janeiro, the band embodies an unique crossover experience of Metal and Hardcore with Afro-Brazilian Voodoo chants. In 2020 the Exus throw one more job at the crossroads and release KIZILA EP with two new songs. Recorded in Rio at the Lab Sonica studio, KIZILA brings Kizila and Coió, faithful petards in the Saravá Metal style with their crunchy riffs, malemolent percussion and machine-gun drums. Gangrena Gasosa is: Angelo Arede (Zé Pelintra) – Vocals; Eder Santana (Omulu) – Vocals; Minoru Murakami (Exu Caveira) – Guitars; Diego Padilha (Tranca-Rua) – Bass; Gê (Pomba Gira) – Percussion; Alex Porto (Exu Tiriri) – Drums.