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In the early 2000s amid the Coachella Valley sands, a force erupted and Burnt was born. A collective energy of brothers scarred by defining life events and banded together by a love of the rhythm of life. From these humble beginnings through their adventurous career, Burnt has stayed their course and provided their listeners with an evolving sound unique to their story. With over 8 full-length albums and countless performances under their belt, Burnt has remained committed to their independence as both artists and individuals. You can easily pick up their eclectic dynamic as soon as the gritty, complex bass lines and throaty vocals hit your ears. Fast forward to the ska, reggae and dub vibrations and just when you think they have pulled out all of their tricks the hip-hop lyricism begins. In a world full of copy & paste mentalities, Burnt is the Phoenix that promises clarity and originality. Composed of an ever evolving lineup, their humble origins have allowed a transparent and open-minded approach to the word “band”. One could say that it is this lack of ego that has allowed their music to evolve and flourish continuously over time. There is no fear of sound within this collective, and this lack of fear has brought forth an amazing approach to spreading their educated and meaningful message. A message of strength and solidarity, peace and prosperity, love and unity. Such a message is easily conveyed through this enigma that is Burnt.

- Rebecca Washington