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Unpredictable beauty, Unexpected brutality. Characterized by an intense and unpredictable live presence, Ethereal Kingdoms deliver a modern theatrical take on the symphonic metal genre. Enter a universe, where songs span the range from soaring high notes to shattering screams, from nostalgic melodies to haunting dissonances, from heartfelt string solos to destroyed violins, brought to life by vocalist Sofia Schmidt's signature vocal range from highest soprano notes to the most desperate growls. In 2018, the band visited the finals of W:O:A Metal Battle Denmark and SPOT Festival, and joined Finntroll, Vanir and Sylvatica at Gimle in September 2018, shortly hereafter signing with Mighty Music only 10 months after their first release. The first sounds from their forthcoming debut have already been heard at their critically acclaimed grandiose theatrical special show at Royal Metal Fest 2019. May 2019 the theatrical symphonic act released their first single Heartchamber, celebrating with a performance at the stage of Amager Bio at Nordic Noise Festival in the grand company of Candlemass and The Night Flight Orchestra for Nordic Noise Festival. In August 2019, Ethereal Kingdoms shares the stage with Wintersun, Seven Thorns and Faanefjell at Gimle. Explore Ethereal Kingdoms at