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“Piss-taking pomp”, “bratty”, “full of attitude but dunked in self-awareness”. Baby Shower are the brazen Melbourne punk band you wouldn’t take home to gran. Mixing witty lowbrow humour with an electric ukulele driven punk sound, they have been described as "taking the piss but in a very cool way.” So, is it ironic? Or a real glimpse into the self centre of a youth determined to scream and kick at the walls of society? Either way, Baby Shower seem determined to stiffly stick both middle fingers in the face of social privilege. But like, in a cool way. Melbourne’s Baby Shower are back with a follow up single to last year’s breakthrough track ‘Everything sucks and it’s everyone’s fault but mine’. ‘Look at Me I’m an Asshole’ picks up where ‘Everything sucks and it’s everyone’s fault but mine’ left off, hitting like a football in the groin from the first bar. Autobiographical as always, it tells a tale as old as time: realising your shitty actions may have had more to do with your breakup than you first thought. ‘Look at Me I’m an Asshole’ was produced and mixed by Alex Moses (Columbus) and mastered by Jay Maas (Citizen/Title Fight). Follow us: twitter: @babyshowerband instagram: @babyshowerband Email: