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Mariel Darling is the voice of Generation Z, pushing her art without fear of judgment or concern. With a mass of Gen Z’ers lighting the way, Darling is posed to take over your airpods. The 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Massachusetts loves to personally connect with her hundreds of thousands of fans across her social media platforms. Over the last several years Mariel Darling has worked with numerous Grammy award winning and established producers. Most recently she has been collaborating with major label producers and song writers Shaun Bless Owens of SoulDiggaz, Aaron Reid from HitCo Records, Mike Check of Kids of the Forest and Cass Dillon. Darling just dropped 'Free Girl' with executive producer Aaron Reid, BL$$D, JordanXL, and co-written by Darling and Major Myjah. Darling is set to release the 'Free Girl' music video and upcoming release 'One Sip' single and music video and in 2020.