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Serial Vice are an Heavy Metal band based in Southern Italy. The idea to found a band was born in 2011 from Alessandro Scorrano (drums) and Andrea Donaera (guitar). After some line-up changes, in 2013 another guitarist, Matteo Cirfeda, joins the project, and in the same year the band recorded the first single "Heroin". In the middle of 2014 bassist Stefano Bianchini and singer Giacomo Albanese joins Serial Vice: with this line-up, the band consolidates in live performances and profiling his sound into a Heavy Metal between classic and modern, gritty and melodic, with various and extensive influences - from Hard Rock to Thrash, from Doom to Power. Between January and February 2015 the band recorded his first EP "Nightmares Come True", with release finally scheduled for 2017 for Sliptrick Records label, and supported by the single "You Are Heroin" (new version of the song "Heroin"), a self-produced three songs demo and by an official video (Master of No-Life).