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it's me man idk what to say here sometimes I'm fucking riding high sometimes im fucking low as hell but usually im fine and everyone is looking at me scared of me. um..... my life has been lonely, and a lot of people have been a part of it, and I have had good friends but usually not for long. I was a treatment kid (treatment kids stand up) so I've moved a lot and had a lot of friends come and go. People tell me im a dick and they tell me I have a heart of gold and I think they are right and I dont care about anyone but me, or I guess I dont care about everyone, even me, but its just cause im so scared to say goodbye death terrifies me. I've tried my whole life to solve that and I finally did and the answer is that there is no solution and you have to put faith in the universe and let it go. you may still end up in a hole in the ground... I may still end up in a hole in the ground, unconscious forever. but I have to put my faith in the universe and let it go. I am trying I fucking promise and thats not an excuse, I will succeed.