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Allesandro is a Canadian singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and home producer. With a passion for catchy melodies, layered vocal harmonies, and experimental do-it-yourself recording techniques, Allesandro adds flairs of surf pop, bossa, lofi and jazz to the realm of bedroom pop.
 Born with an inherent and insatiable fascination for music, Allesandro paints sound with a colourful palette of sonic textures ranging from electric and acoustic guitars, voice, synthesizers, drums and percussion, to ukulele, bass, and piano. Allesandro, who is also a member of pop/rock quartet Midnight Metro, possesses an innate pop sensibility which reflects in his unique approach to composition, arranging and production.
 His forthcoming single “Losing Sleep” follows a successful adaptation of Castaways, the TikTok-viral Backyardigans classic, as well as Tunes of Ba Sing Se, a collection of Avatar: The Last Airbender-inspired beats.