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'Hege's music moves from upbeat pop to thoughtful, deep ballads and evokes every emotion on the way. She's clearly a star performer who is going to be huge. I'm looking forward to it.' - Carpet Martin, Riverside Radio London 
 As bold and dramatic as the sweeping landscapes of her Scandinavian birth right, HEGE is an up and coming soulful contemporary pop artist emerging from the pandemic to become one of the most dynamic vocalists in the world today. 
 Classically trained across a number of disciplines including musical theatre, jazz, classical and opera, she has the perfect voice that soars above the complexities of music in all its forms. From power ballads to slices of delectable pop, she explores the emotive waters of her soul to deliver a sonic experience like no other. 
 Currently based out of London, HEGE has survived challenges which would have destroyed many, but which she has used as a springboard to pursue a musical journey that will delight and entertain. 
 “I aim to inspire people and positively influence them through the traditions of a storyteller. I wish to invoke that human reaction and reflection that nestles deep within us all.” 
 HEGE is capable of all that and so much more. With big ideas and enough energy to spark a spiritual revolution, she is well on her way to becoming one of the most phenomenal artists in our generation. 
 Currently she is working on new music.