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Based in Toronto, Canada, The Ocean Cure offer a vast sound of post-hardcore and metalcore sensibilities, with a dash of prog and a sprinkle of pop. Since forming in 2014, members Pauline Taylor (Vocals), Casius Wray-Muto (Bass/Unclean-Vocals), Mike Di Monte (Guitar/Vocals), and Nicola Sudano (Drums/Programming) have been fine-tuning their sound and lyrical content. Stemming from the common theme of the ocean, The Ocean Cure draws comparisons to the calm before the storm and the symbolic impact of crashing waves. They use this ideology within their lyrics to draw unique comparisons to how life can feel like an ocean. Wray-Muto expands, “Music has always been a sort of medicine for me, so I think it just makes sense that our name is, The Ocean Cure.” When writing lyrical content, Taylor finds herself using a lot of imagery to paint a picture with words so each song will offer a descriptive story. She continues, “A definite recurring theme in my writing is nature and ethereal themes. Nature is so overwhelmingly powerful and has a way of making you feel so small.” Following the release of Daydreamer, The Ocean Cure is back with a brand new EP, RE: Discover, released on June 14, 2019. The 5-track EP was produced and mixed by Sam Guiana, and is a reinvention of what The Ocean Cure is all about. Fans can stay tuned for more announcements by heading over to their Facebook page now at: