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Describing themselves as ‘the bastard sons of Royal Blood and Twenty One Pilots’, THEIA blend the viscous sound of Biffy Clyro with a stark lyrical honesty that reflects their cynically optimistic outlook. 
 Frontman Kyle is the creative soul of the band and is responsible for guitar stunts, vocal acrobatics, and lyrical ponderings, but not necessarily in that order. He first picked up the guitar when he was about 12 years of age after finding his Dad’s dusty Ibanez electric stashed under a bed. After years spent in retirement, the guitar called to him and he couldn’t resist. Constantly striving and evolving, using the experience of playing in front of thousands of music lovers over the years, Kyle has honed his craft. “Now that the roots have truly taken hold, THEIA is a project that’s finally ready to show off the fruits of my labours”, he says proudly. Younger brother Ash Lamley started his THEIA journey as their roadie at the tender age of eleven. He turned down a position in the band three years ago, but decided to spend a small fortune on a drama degree; this wasn’t much help when he needed to reacquaint himself with the drums after 5 years away from the stool and learn a whole set list in 3 months before his debut gig in 2019. He has now found his feet and is back in the groove, “I can remember the songs 40% of the time”, he says.