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Treman is piano music by LA-based composer Josh Jacobson. I'm from Ithaca NY and my mom is a professional violinist, so I grew up on the music of Bach and other great composers, hearing these beautiful sounds in my mom's performances and lessons at home and absorbing this music from earlier than I learned how to speak. By the time I started piano lessons at five, I was already eager to learn and start creating my own sounds. And I was equally impatient with the idea of only playing music written by others. My drive to create and compose led me to jazz, pop music, film scores and many other new directions. But playing piano always instantly brings me back to my musical roots, reminding me where my inspiration comes from. Playing a classical piece, especially Bach, feels like instantly arriving at home. This project is about musical origins, which is why I named it after Treman State Park, a family favorite spot just outside of Ithaca with a stunning gorge trail. If you ever have a day in Ithaca, be sure to visit Treman (and stop at Wegmans on the way back into town of course). Piano music brings me so much calm and pure joy, and I'm thankful to be able to share this music with you. Some of these songs are full compositions, and others are single-take improvisations, capturing the truest expression of how it feels to sit down at the piano and just play. Enjoy :) -Josh beautiful piano music