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“Only Gram Parsons' term ‘Cosmic American Music’ begins to touch her mercurial, changeling roots aesthetic...McNally is a Zen-like, post-Beat song poet”. —Thom Jurek, All Music For those that have followed McNally’s nearly twenty-year career, what burns most brightly is the timeless spirit of effortlessness that she brings to all she does. With an ample catalog and a heady list of peers with whom she has written, recorded and toured, McNally keeps on making great music that defies blatant genre-fication. She has a home in every time zone of the American (Americana) music spectrum. The Grammy nominee has a soul stirring voice that immediately grabs one by the heart strings.

She writes as cleverly as she interprets the songs of others, and brings a top-tier musicality to her craft, with a troubadour’s wanderlust. An excellent electric guitar player, she can shred with rock star elan any time the moment calls for it. The part of McNally’s narrative that is often missed is that she has self-managed nearly all of her career. She has been—from day one—a proud warrior-like artist who often went toe-to-toe with label heads and A&R to defend and pursue her visions. She left the major label world after ten years at Capitol/EMI, to express her truest self via various smaller labels and self-release paradigms.