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[finally: Machete Dance Club release their second single from the debut album [K|ll the V|BE//January 2022]. Things have been quiet around the Munich-based band for 1 1/2 years, which emerged out of thin air in 2018. They released their debut EP [A tr|p outta hell into heaven and back] in 2019, followed by two European tours including crossover heroes DOG EAT DOG as well as a festival summer and two more tours through the republic (with KILLERPILZE among others). 2019 was completed with their own tour and a sold-out show at Munich's Backstage club. Then just as things were going really well and the momentum was to be taken into 2020... it got quiet... The pandemic turned out to be the biggest stumbling block in the history of cultural creators ... and also ]Machete] felt the impact. 
 However, one thing was clear to the guys since day one of the pandemic: Giving up is not an option. They teamed up again with Dennis Poschwatta (Guano Apes), who already co-produced the first EP. They went to the renown Horus Studio in Hannover & the Dailyhero Studio Berlin to work on the record. With Sascha Carillho (4lyn) they created their new appearance (CI/CD) and with IVORY TOWER RECORDS (label) they found new friends & partners → a kind of pandemic re|ncarnat|on. 
 Crossover 2.0 [Retro Future, call it the fuck you want//. //We’re back and THIS is how it's gonna be]