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Kitt's resume covers a wide span of music including rock, pop, piano, electronica and orchestral projects. Whether writing for himself, other artists, film, television, or trailers, he has developed the reputation for being able to capture an emotional melody for any setting. His latest album, Midnight in Macedonia is an example of his ability to gel all these genres into a cohesive enjoyable experience. If you love the lush and soaring strings of big film scores or the cinematic "larger-than-life" sound of epic movies, then this album will satisfy all your emotions. Drama, romance, motivational, inspiring, dark, uplifting and more. Artists from Europe and the U.S. have trusted Kitt to bring their songs to life, whether it's creating a melodic line, mood changing beat or whole new genre. As a producer, he enjoys the "before and after" of each song and the enthusiastic appreciation from the artists. As a composer, he enjoys the ability to express his passion. As a performer, he enjoys the mutual love of music. As a songwriter and composer, Kitt's styles vary based on the project he feels most passionate about that day. "Everyday is different. Sometimes, I'm in the mood to write an energetic rock or electronica tune, while other days it's an orchestral piece or a simple piano line. Then there are the times that I smash it all into one tune. There's no rule that says I can't have an orchestra with electronica, guitar and rock drums. "