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Scuzzball is a studio only band run by UK multi-instrumentalist Chris West and Reality’s Flux is the first recording under that banner. The aim of the project is to step outside of traditional song structure, execute a singular idea or theme and condense that energy and intensity into as short a time as possible. Mithun Shah from Sedulus played drums, Jill Mikkelson from various punk and hardcore bands (Dysteria, Hatefuck, Bos Tux) sang while West handled guitar, bass and all production duties. West has commented that he has plans for future recordings under the Scuzzball name. Reality’s Flux was also the release that launched West’s own Giganto Records in November 2017; a label set up to release the music he writes and records. West is currently writing and recording under the name Crawling for Carrion. -- If you enjoy this music please hit the follow button.