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NEW T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE: After creating post black metal band called Smohalla (also on Spotify) and many more extreme projects, Slo started Fixions in 2012 to gather and materialize his inner demons into an a more personnal yet powerful electronic vibrations. Mainly influenced by science-fiction and cyberpunk from the 80s / 90s, Fixions is always trying to sound like nobody else, mixing tons of sounds, ideas and electronic dreams in a very tentacular way. First 2012 release 'Euphorion' (originally an E.P) was already a dark synth prototype with a very oniric aura, then came different E.Ps before first real album called 'Migrations 2019', a collection of cosmic and powerful tracks that helped Fixions to spread his name. In 2016 Fixions produced the whole Mother Russia Bleeds ost, a dark and ultraviolent video-game edited by indie-kings Devolver, then release two cyberpunk albums in 2017: "Genocity", a concept album build upon the shadow of a futuristic dark city, and 'ヘッドハンター ', highly acclaimed in the synth scene. Fixions also contributes in many tributes and compilations since 2012, like Project Paula - an Amiga tribute managed by Slo, John Carpenter tribute through Retro Promenade, a 2018 AKIRA tribute managed by Synthspiria ('30 Years Later'), and many more..