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Born in Little Rock, Ark., Bailey Hefley suffered debilitating seizures as a small child. The medication that saved her life also robbed her of her enthusiasm for 8 long years till she finally overcame the condition and felt “awake” in her teenage years. That’s when her love of horses, competitive barrel racing and journaling would lead to writing songs and Belmont being the obvious choice for her. Along the way she’s honed her performing skills opening for Justin Moore, Old Dominion, Deana Carter and more. 
 The EP’s lead single, “Dust on a Diamond” tackles a failed relationship that Bailey hopes can comfort other young women who have found themselves in similar circumstances. 
 Bailey says the EP, which Jamie O’Neal produced, is a “roller coaster ride of love” commensurate with some of the relationships she’s had over the last five years. 
 “I’ve found and lost love and had my heart broken but it’s in those times that I’ve found out how strong I really am. Self worth is everything to me and I want to help other young girls through those tough times. One day I hope to look out into the audience and see them singing my lyrics back to me,” says Bailey. “That’s my dream. That’s my happy ending.”