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***100% of Fundraising Link donations go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence*** Hey, it's me, Sam. I’m from eastern Massachusetts. I started trumpet at 10 and guitar at 14. I wrote songs to cope with being a 15-year-old boy with severe chronic pelvic pain, which I still have. I was too embarrassed to tell people, so I sang about the despair and hope I was feeling. I used to teach 8th grade English. Now, I make a living as a fashion model and by writing and remotely recording brass arrangements on trumpet, flugelhorn, and euphonium. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and French, which has helped me make friends and share my music outside the US. 100% of Bandcamp proceeds go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a cause which is personally important to me. I've raised $1,500, and my goal is to raise $10,000. I started fundraising when I was teaching and modeling, using unmerited press to raise $10,000 to buy books for my school. My first album, “Bay State”, is a tribute to Massachusetts. I tried to create the illusion of a band by hiring my childhood best friends: Kyle Joseph (producer), Matthew Aucoin (piano), and Nick Pope (drums). While my EP is more like a photo album, I want “Bay State” to be an inhabitable and, when needed, healing world. The first single, “One More Rose” is for other people dealing with pelvic pain. The second, “Dad's New '92 Acura" is for my brother Harry.