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Rumori is the solo project of Jason Adams (Danketsu 10, Choyas), focused on using unexpected textures and minimal melodies coaxed from heavily effected cello. After playing numerous live shows in Southern California, interviews and performance sessions with Marfa Open Arts & Betawave TV,

and releases as part of various ensembles on Warm Winters Ltd., Patient Sounds, Tapeworm, and Never Anything Records, Rumori has grown a dedicated following in the experimental scene. Deviance, the debut EP, was released December 3rd, 2019 via Wishful Thinking Records. These compositions are the result of a tightly honed live set comprised entirely of sounds from effected cello. From the slow and oppressive creep of opener "Tarantula", to the frenzied "Shrouded", to the optimistic beauty of "Swept", the EP explores emotional spaces with patience, minimalism, and subtlety. His second release, Kii, explores extreme sample manipulation with driving polyrhythms. Leaning into the electronic influences here, the release also features remixes of Rumori tracks by Cruel Diagonals, Protean (Philip Meyer), and CD Player. The release was premiered by New Noise Magazine, and its embrace of percussion and creative ways of mangling audio promises a dramatic growth in Rumori's sound as he finishes his full-length debut. The music video for lead single "Tarantula" was directed by award-winning filmmaker Andrew Rodriquez, set in Bay-area artist Uel Renteria's psychedelic world of paintography.