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Petr Kutheil (born March 3, 1981 in Prague) is a Czech singer, musician and theater artist who has been active on the Czech scene. 
 His first artistic experience was singing in the Prague Mixed Choir under the direction of Miroslav Košler, and he also attended several amateur theater associations. He studied briefly at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and then studied Economics and Business. He attended singing lessons privately with Jarmila Chaloupková, Zdeněk Jankovský and later with the soloist of the National Theater Roman Janál. 
 For the first time, he made a more significant artistic impact as a finalist in the Voice of Czechoslovakia television competition, and since then he has worked on the professional scene, especially in musical productions, where he performs mainly in Prague theaters. 
 He also occasionally sings with the Felix Slováček Orchestra. In 2008 he sang with Daniel Landa on the Czechoslovakia tour. Other successes include the Jumper of the Year award in the band category in Český slavík with the band Votchi. He was a guest at the Těšín Theater for three seasons, where he played several title roles. He sang a number of albums of various musicals and music projects. In 2018 he was engaged by Milan Steigerwald and Pavla Forest as a soloist in the performance RockOpera Prague and in the same year he became part of the metal project Bohemian Metal Rhapsody. 
 He performs with a pop / rock band KUTHEIL + LIVE BAND