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Guitarrista desde los 12 años. A princpios de los 90 integró agrupaciones de jazz con las cuales se presentó varias veces en vivo en B.A. Actualmente se dedica a material mayormente acústico. A guitarist since age 12, in the early 90's he played in different jazz bands in Buenos Aires, and currently as an acoustic solo artist. Influencias / Influences: Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Robinson, Thom Bresh, Adam Rafferty, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Emily Remler, George Benson, John Fogerty, Baden Powell, Jimmy Raney, Wes Montgomery, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Jimmy Vaughan, John Entwistle, The Police, Luis Salinas, Rock Argentino, Folklore Argentino, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Steve Howe, Duke Ellington, Joe Pass, Pat Metheny, Arlen Roth, Albert Lee, and also many excellent guitarists from all over the world i discovered at youtube. Formación / Teachers: Lito Epumer, James Tobias, Armando Alonso, Oscar Lopez Ruiz, Ricardo Lew, Carlos Martinez, Osvaldo Verón